We need your help to protect private property rights in Ohio!

Property Rights Ohio is forming a statewide coalition of landowners are are concerned about their property rights coming under attack. We work to provide a support group for landowners to collaborate with others, engage with local elected officials and provide a network of like-minded individuals to empower landowners to fight for their rights.

Are your property rights safe in Ohio?

You’ve seen the headlines about government overreach in land planning across the United States in recent years. At Property Rights Ohio, we believe this over regulation leads to stifling innovation. You, the property owner, knows what’s best for your land, not the government.

We hope you’ll join us in telling our local leaders that we urge them to support our voices in how we manage our land, whether it be livestock, crops, energy production, or other land uses.

On this site, you’ll see arguments for why we stand for the land over “not in my backyard” protectionism or government-prescribed “infrastructure” solutions.

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We stand for the land.

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We stand for the land